Axe Throwing Game Rentals

Dimensions: 16’W x 10’L x 8ƍ”H

Power: One 110 Volt Line

This famous western themed attraction turns into a safe and fun inflatable game for players of all ages. Challenge a friend in a head to head battle with the unit or take turns getting closest to the bullseye in the single game. Both units come equipped with specially designed axe game pieces.

Soccer Darts Rentals

L 19′ X W 14′ 6″ X H 15′ 10″

Gunsmoke Shooting Gallery Rentals

Travel back to the Old West with our Inflatable 3 Lane Gunsmoke Shooting Gallery. Test your skills with patented Bazooka Ball Guns. Challenge your friends to a duel. Rental Includes (3) Tippman 98 airguns, (3) Bazooka Barrels, (3) empty CO2 tanks, and (45) Bazooka Balls.

Can be set up indoors or outdoors. Great for Birthday Parties, BBQ’s, Block parties, Church, School, and Corporate functions. Last minute parties are available. 

L 19′ X W 21′ X H 15′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet

Inflatable Skee Ball Rentals

L 22′ X W 6′ 5″ X H 9′

Requires: Two 20 amp dedicated outlets

PK Soccer Shootout Rentals

The sports game that started a new craze, the popular PK Shootout has been a very successful game. This game is the original inflatable that allows balls to cross over from one lane to the other. Players must kick their Soccer balls through the holes to score in their opponent’s goal. Hours of fun and very challenging. Includes 6 soccer balls.

L 19′ X W 14′ 6″ X H 15′ 10″

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet

Inflatables in Howell, New Jersey

Mega All-Stars Double Shot Basketball Rentals

Plenty of competitive fun for kids as well as adults! Two players shoot as many baskets as they can within 30 seconds.

L 9′ X W 9′ X H 8′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet

Inflatables in Howell, New Jersey

Inflatable T-Ball Rentals

L 12′ X W 12′ X H 8′ 

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet

Quarterback Blitz Game Rentals

Limber up that throwing arm! Quarterback Blitz keeps the pigskins flying! Two players compete to keep the footballs OUT of their field! Great for a casual, friendly toss or timed competition.

Quarter Back Blitz game rental includes 4 interchangeable Velcro-backed panels. Includes 4 Mini Footballs.

L 12′ X W 11′ X H 8′

Requires: One 20 amp dedicated outlet